Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Club

Note: This post written on 3/15/09 but posted 3/17/09.

Last night Wife and I met some friends at restaurant for dinner and drinks. Well things are pretty tame with this crowd. So the discussions were pretty mild. If they only knew!

I always like this restaurant because that is where we had a dinner some time ago with a friend. Wife and Firecracker had each been overworked by business and personal commitments and I had decided that I would drive that evening so they would be free to enjoy themselves. This quickly turned into me being referred to as their chauffeur and my SUV as a limo.

Now, before the big night, I had been flirting with Firecracker for several years. I had hinted to Wife that I’d like to have a 3 way with Firecracker. She usually said no. So I started telling her that I wanted to try some fun with others again. This led to some conversations about what each of us wanted and liked in this area. Wife did not like being left out. For example when we flirted when Wife wasn’t there and when we flirted by text. We really liked the text flirting. So I started to share all my flirtations with Wife. I would tell her about things that happened in person and I went through all my emails and text with her. This helped to calm Wife’s fears and she changed her answer to maybe about a week before the big night. I know maybe is very close to a yes.

The week leading up to the big night, our flirtations heated up significantly, culminating in texts the day before where I suggested we go to the restaurant and a topless bar. She replied that it would be cheaper if Wife and she put on a show. I replied that it would also be a better show and suggested that I give them a show. Later on she suggested that we have a plan B because this restaurant can have up to a 2 hour wait. I said I’d put on a show. She liked that. Of course I showed Wife these texts and asked if she was up for some fun. She said maybe.

On the big night I drove over to Firecracker’s house and we picked her up. On the way to the restaurant the conversation was slightly risqué. I mentioned a trip outside at 3am to shut off noisy sprinkler that I made in the nude that week, and the conversation got rolling. We did have a bit of a wait and my show was mentioned repeatedly. I stated my intention to get them both drunk to which they did not object. After a great meal and 2 strong drinks, I asked for suggestions for where to go for drinks. I got none. I told them I had ideas from titillating to OMG. They said that sounds good. I mentally dismissed any PG-13 venues.

I told them that we'll go to a club first. I guess they didn't know of any clubs in the direction I was driving other than gentlemen's clubs. We had talked about an adult bookstore as a possibility for later on, but that was just kidding (sort of). So I wasn't thinking of a strip club, but neither lady objected. As we drove, the conversation continued and everyone was quite jovial. After a couple of minutes, I asked which club they wanted to go to. I got answers that didn't make sense. 'You pick, you should know which ones best' and 'I don't know, I've never been to any of them.' That's when it hit me. We all had a good laugh, and they had a slight sigh of relief (and possibly a little disappointment). We headed past the 'clubs' and went to a 'bar'. We all thought we still might end up at a 'club' later.

At the bar there were many martinis, roving hands, naughty texts, sexy heels and stairs. In one text, Wife's maybe changed to yessss. It was a great time. When we left I asked if they wanted their show now and they both said yes. So I drove to a secluded area and had them sit in the backseat. I climbed in between them, put on Sharp Dressed Man and proceeded to perform for them.

I wore black slacks, dark gray button down shirt, black belt and shoes, and black boxer briefs, and looked Good. I found out that it is really difficult to dance in a vehicle, even a large SUV, but I managed, and apparently did an excellent job.

Unbuttoned my shirt. Swayed, flexed muscles, gave a devious smile. Shirt off. Unbuckled belt. Slid it back and forth. Shoes and socks off. Danced some more. Now’s the time quit or do it. They were quiet but seemed to be enjoying the show. I’m glad I got them drunk (and so were they!) I decided to press on. Pant unzipped pelvis thrusts, pants down. Just my boxer briefs left.

I showed off my butt in my boxer briefs, moved to the music. I turned around and teased them by stroking my cock though my shorts. First I brought my hands in from the sides thumbs out finger down encircling my package. I moved closer and closer, then a few full strokes. Finally my underwear slowly came down. Both ladies were quiet but had huge grins. I kissed Wife. I kissed Firecracker, our first kiss. We listened to a few songs, and talked. Both ladies had been slightly nervous during the show, but not enough to tell me to stop, and they definitely enjoyed it. So I didn't spoil the evening by try to make something happen. After about 10 minutes I got dressed & we went home. Nothing happened with Firecracker (that night).

Last night nothing like that happened, but we both recalled that night & talked about it on the drive home. Once there we replayed what happened that night when we got home.

I gave Wife another show. This one was much better; so I'm told. My hips & torso moved to the music much better. Wife loved it & was well worked up by the time I climbed on top of her. I teased her pussy with the tip of my cock, lightly touching the lips, the clit & the entrance. Then changed to sliding my cock along her pussy, not inside, outside. This gave a lot of pleasure all along her pussy. Soon she was shifting position so that I would slide in and I did. I fucked her for only a couple of minutes before she started to involuntarily squeeze me cock in the beginning stages of an orgasm. I couldn't hold out and we had simultaneous orgasms, which is rare for us since I usually make sure she has at least one before I do.

We laid together and drifted off to sleep. In the morning, I watched her. She was on her stomach, nude with the sheet down to her lower back. She is beautiful. I got the camera and took a picture to send to Mr X. He has one from the front and has said many nice things about it. Of course Wife woke up but happily agreed to consider sending it to him. Soon she will be laying, legs spread for another lover to kiss and tease her. That led to another session.

Later today, as she napped I slid up next to her and messaged her body. We talked about many opportunities. I told her that I would take her to a hotel. I would go to the bar and meet a prearranged contact. After I felt comfortable with him, we would head up to the room, where Wife would meet us in a nightgown. She would greet him and be in bed with him within minutes. I ended up giving her an orgasm with my hand down her shorts.

I knew the sex ban wouldn't last.

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