Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It’s Tuesday Already?

I’m so far behind. Spring has sprung and I didn’t feel like writing. From checking the blogs I read, neither did anyone else.

Mr. X has apparently decided not to meet. He has good reasons for his decision and we respect it. Really I’m guessing his reasons are good. Why else would any straight man not want a chance to be with Wife? He hasn’t communicated with us since last Tuesday, so we don’t really know. I’ve come up with loads of reasons:
  • Perhaps he’s met someone else who answered his ad.
  • Maybe he’s married and decided not to go through with it (although this is not his first encounter of this type).
  • There’s a chance he never intended on meeting in the first place.
  • It could be that he truly is too busy with work.
  • My favorite is that he misrepresented himself in his ad and was too embarrassed to face us :-)
Whatever the reason, we don’t hold any resentment and will (probably) respond if he does contact us. We will take it from there, but he will have to show that he is willing to be more than pen pals.

I said that I would refrain from naming Mr. X until we meet. I had some candidate names selected (and this weekend a few less flattering ones came briefly to mind). So Mr. X will retain that moniker. I think I will use this convention for all the candidates. You only get a letter at least until we meet.

Now we are in search of Mr. Y. How do we do it? Mr. X came from Craigslist. He has many comrades there. You do have to sift through a lot of one liners and illiterate garbles to find a few promising candidates. I suspect this will be true for most search methods. There are other online options: Adult Friend Finder, Ashley Madison, others. Anyone have any experience (pro or con) with these or other sites?

I suppose we could try in real life methods such as meeting someone at a bar (or club lol). Are there other places? I’m not sure how this would work. They get to see and talk to you before you know they are OK with what you want. Loses much of the anonymity. It’s going to be pretty easy to remember “That’s the couple who’s looking for a guy for her!” Couldn’t risk getting that reputation at a place even if it was an hour away, cause it’s a small world.

We would greatly appreciate your words of wisdom either in a comment or an email from my profile page.

Now I have to get busy writing a post about Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights …

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