Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wife’s New Fantasy - Epilogue

I said that Wife’s new fantasy scares me a little. That’s because I like to please her. The story I told her excited me due to her reaction to it. The fact that it made her excited (more like nymphomaniacish) is what I like. I’ve always had fantasies and often I’ve shared them with her. She usually likes them, and we both get excited by them. However, she doesn’t usually come up with fantasies of her own to share with me. So finding one that she really likes is special. It scares me that some day we might just have to fulfill this fantasy. It also scares me that I will enjoy it due to her reaction. She was that excited.

By the way, she insists that eating the woman is not something she wants. She admitted that it excited her but that is not something she wants to do. We’ll see. I would bet we do that before we do the other.

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