Friday, April 10, 2009

Finding Mr. Y

We took some time to determine what Wife wanted. She didn’t really consider being alone with someone. She wants me there, at least for now. She did consider a man, a woman (I voted for this one), and a couple. The couple was ruled out pretty quickly. She’s not ready for that yet. We thought about a woman, but Wife really wants to try man. Not only that, she wants two men at once. So we needed to find a man that would be open to that.

We returned to Craigslist. The poll is still open, but at last count, it was a three way (lol) tie between Craigslist, Ashley Madison, and Adult Friend Finder. Craigslist was the easiest. So that is where we went first. We did look at the m4w ads, but we concluded that Wife wants a m4mw, emphasis on 4w, but comfortable with MFM (maybe even a little oral attention for me, or someone to fulfill her fantasy). I went through the ads and kept any promising ones, about 48 in all. I ignored the one liners (unless they really caught my eye, but in the end they all got weeded out.) Come on guys. You're up against hundreds of other guys. Put in some effort. Last Saturday night, together we narrowed it down to three. Interestingly all three included cock pics. Not that that swayed us. Just interesting.

Here is what we found:
Weather is warming up and so am I guy for couples. He is the most bi of the three. He probably would like Confessor X’s latest threesome. Not sure I’m ready for that. His pic was from the neck down and he looked good.

Loves giving oral guy for couples or females. He is somewhat bi, but definitely more interested in the ladies. I was more comfortable with this. He looked like a prick. That’s all we could see in his pic. lol

Likes Jacuzzis and massage guy. He is straight but into MFM threesome where both men are pleasuring her. Oh, and he loves to please orally. (Noticing a trend here?) He too looked like a prick.

So we composed a response to one of the ads (weather guy). Said we were intrigued by his ad, described ourselves, what we liked to do, and what we wanted. We also included pic of Wife (neck down). And asked if he was interested?

We then tailored the response for the other 2 ads and sent them.

The guy with the weather is warming up & so am I ad never responded. To be fair though, we were having a bit of a cold spell that weekend. :)

The guy with the loves giving oral ad responded with a very polite refusal and wished us well. In fact it was so polite that I sent him a note thanking him for being such a gentleman and wished him well in his search.

However, just over an hour after we responded to the ads, we got a reply from Mr. Y (Jacuzzis and massage), although we were asleep by then. He liked our response, and said “She is very beautiful”. He is gentlemanly, respects limits, and sounds like fun. He gave us his first and last name (although it is a fairly common name), and his cell number.

I confess that we Googled his phone number & email address. We found a bit of data on a cuckolding site as well as mainstream (non adult) sites, including a face pic. There was nothing that contradicted anything he told us including his name. He appears to be completely honest and upfront with us. Mr. X, you could learn something from him.

We wrote back the next day that this is our first time and are not ready to talk on the phone. Wife wrote the first part of the email and I did the second. Wife talked about some of the things we might do. “I’d like to sit between two good looking guys while … each guy touching me just a little.”

I told him all the ground rules. (Nothing will happen at the first meeting. We must be discrete. Condoms are a required. etc.) I sure know how to kill a party. To make up for it though, I suggested a day and time to meet for drinks.

He replied that he’s ok with the ground rules and will definitely respect any limits. He confirmed the day and time and suggested a place. He also sent Wife a face pic (and it matched the face we found online). He’s a good enough looking guy. I mean he’s no Quiet Man, but not many are.

So we have a meeting with Mr. Y for drinks, and it is tonight.


rphil815 said...

I can't wait to hear what happened...:)

Quiet Man said...

You'll hear soon enough. Part 1 of many just got posted. I'm working on the rest.