Friday, April 3, 2009

Ketchup April 3, 2009

I heard the word Snowshoe in conversation today. Go figure. And it had nothing to do with snow.

(If you're the one who said it and you're reading this blog, you should be able to tell who I am. If you want to play with Wife and me, let me know.) Longshot I know.

We've been busy and haven't devoted much time to finding Mr. Y. Probably will look in earnest this weekend. No comments yet to help us choose an online site for this. Maybe I'll put up a poll - if I can figure out how :) .

Speaking of feedback, I found out how to add Reaction checkboxes for each post. You can just click on your choice and it tallys your vote without you having to leave the page. It's quick and easy. I see that my page load count is over 2000, but I have no idea if that's 2000 people that take one look and hate everything or if it's 50 people that follow my everyword. Go ahead, check a box, let me know. (BTY you can go back to previous posts and let me know which ones you like (or really didn't like) too. That's getting a little too pushy isn't it. Ok only do that if you want to. lol)

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