Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mr. Y The First Meeting Part 1

Wife woke up early yesterday. She usually gets up after me, but yesterday she needed to get to work early. I had the day off and could have slept in. Wife wanted something though. She cuddled up next to me; my hands automatically start to caress her. Is she up early cause she can’t sleep? Why could that be?

We touch and kiss for awhile. It was so comfortable. I almost fall back to sleep. She takes my hand and moves it to her breast; the breast I had stopped gently squeezing. I resumed my caressing and increased to the level of teasing. In my groggy state, I realize I should stop. Tonight is the first meeting with Mr. Y, and I don’t want to dull the edge. I back off some.

She doesn’t. Instead she gets up and gets her toy; another strange behavior. I usually get the toy or tell her to. She doesn’t take initiative. However, I don’t let her use it. She turns it on and lays it between her legs, but that is all. Now I feel mischievous. If she’s going to use her toy to get herself all worked up, I might as well help her out. My hand finds its way down to her toy. I remember reading about a man describing touching a woman (his wife? I don’t know) while another man is enjoying her pussy. It occurs to me that that would be very exciting. Then it occurs to me that soon I may be doing just that.

I’m awake now and aroused. My hand plays with her lips, but stays outside. Pressure and movement; it must be devastatingly wonderful. The vibe from the toy is helping too. Wife is all worked up with no place to go. I stop moving to try to ease her back down. We hold each other for a long time. Finally, Wife gets up to get ready for work.

During the day I send Wife a series of texts that keeps her on the edge. I’m so bad, but she loves it.

Wife doesn’t get home until nearly 6:00. Our meeting (date?) with Mr. Y starts at 8:00. We planned to leave by 7:00 to get there early enough to have a drink or 2 before he gets there. She does bring home sushi for dinner though. We quickly eat and start to get ready. Wife wears a satin shirt and jeans over a gold and amber zebra print bra and lacey beige panties. She does her hair and makeup. She looks oh so good.

I review my checklist.
Art Mann: Tell our viewers Quiet Man, what do you bring to the first meeting of your wife and a potential lover?
Quiet Man: Well Art, you never know what will happen so you have to be prepared. I like to bring: the ring (I’ll explain that later), camera, batteries, blanket, beer, necklace, egg, lube and condoms.

We leave a few minutes late. Guess we’ll only have time for one drink.

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