Sunday, March 22, 2009

Afternoon Delight

Saturday was an amazing day! We heard from Mr. X on Friday and may meet on Sunday. Suburban Hotwife’s Husband made some posts this week after a long hiatus. Saturday morning I found a comment to his blog from SH. She breaks her silence! We even exchange a few remarks. This is going to be a great day.

Wife was out shopping. After she comes home, she walks out of the bedroom wearing a new nightgown and panties that she bought. This is going to be a great day and it’s only 1:30. I had been working on the laptop, so I found a story about a hotwife (I won’t say which one due to my track record of public endorsement for cuckolding sites, lol) and had her read it while I lay behind her and caressed her. As she read, I used her toy to bring her to her first orgasm. It took forever for her to read the short story. I guess I was distracting. At one point in the story, the man went down on the hotwife. So I went down on my wife. I don’t do this very often and she loved it. I licked and sucked her clit for a long time, but I couldn’t give her an orgasm. She says that it feels so good that it is like a continuous orgasm and just as satisfying. Later she told me that she thought of how Mr. X would be doing that soon and wondered if it would be even better. I used my hands and fingers to give her a second orgasm. I let her finish the story and then climbed on top and enter her. She lifts and spreads her legs as she does when she is really horny. I bring her to another orgasm. We finish with another handjob for me while she has me think of anything I want. I thought of the hotwife and her husband and all the things they’ve done together after she’s been with other men. It was very satisfying :D.

I look at the clock. It’s 3:20. We have to rush to leave for an appointment. She didn’t get to show me the other panties she bought and I didn’t get to ask who she bought them for. Yes it is a great day.

And it’s not done yet…


Amy said...

I am recently recovering from an affair (I just started a blog about it.) My husband does not know. But I find it fascinating that there are men that are OK with the concept.

Quiet Man said...

Amy, I'm more than OK with the concept. I'm actively participating to make it happen. Like I said in my profile, there are certain things I can't give my wife myself. So I'm happy for her to get those somewhere else.

Thanks for the comment.