Monday, March 16, 2009

First Meeting Update

After unsuccessfully trying to accelerate the first meeting, we are working on setting something up for this weekend. Don't get too excited expecting an adventure. Wife is adamant that nothing will happen at the first meeting. However she has been known to change her mind :).

Wife and Mr X have been exchanging emails describing what they would like to do. It is very exciting to hear what both would like to do and they sound compatible. Here's a secret. Wife and I talk about what she wants to say and I draft her emails. She reviews and modifies them. It is quite humbling (and exciting) ghostwriting dirty letters for your wife to share with a man she's about to meet. I have to draft another tonight.

I've been technology challenged yesterday and today. I have a post I wrote yesterday, but it is stuck on a device that won't interface with my computers right now. I think I know what is wrong now and I should be able to fix it by tomorrow.

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