Saturday, March 14, 2009

No Early Meeting :(

Looks like meeting Mr. X (I haven’t named him yet because I think I should meet him first to make sure the name fits, but I have a couple of ideas already.) won’t happen before next weekend. Trying to arrange three schedules just isn’t working out. Now I’m really regretting agreeing to the no sex until we meet him arrangement. I have hope that she won’t be able to hold out either.

Speaking of that, I’ve been abstaining for a few days longer than Wife. Wednesday night was the last time we had actual sex (lots of petting going on since then) and she really enjoyed it. For Valentine’s Day, I got Wife a new toy. It is bendable and can hit just the right spots. It has only 2 speeds though and even the low setting is a bit too much for Wife when she just wants a nice warm feeling. So I thought how about using old batteries. I hid the new toy with the weak batteries under my pillow and pulled it out when she got in bed. She didn’t really want it at first until I turned it on. High was just right for it to lay between her legs as we talked.

After awhile she was quite turned on. I moved the toy across her pussy. It has lots of ridges to massage her clitoris. I then started to slide it in to her. She loved this, but at some point the weak batteries just weren’t enough and I switched to the good ones. I fucked her with her toy for a few minutes and my arm started to cramp a little. I shifted positions for better access which put my cock and ball next to her hand. She grabbed my balls and held them. A few years ago I devoted myself to pleasing my wife completely. Everything we did sexually was for her pleasure. Luckily she enjoyed seeing me have orgasms. She also developed a passion for holding my balls while I pleased her. The better I pleased, the tighter she would squeeze. I guess she thought I wanted to play this game again, or maybe she didn’t care what I wanted, she wanted it. So I continued to move the toy in and out and around with the added guidance of my wife’s grip. It was about 15 minutes before she had at least one strong orgasm.

At this point my cock was not only rock hard, but twitching. We laid together so she could bask in the after effects of a good orgasm, her hand still holding my balls, my cock twitching on her arm. After several minutes, she said ‘Honey I love you. Goodnight.’ Apparently she still takes great pleasure in knowing that I’m just about ready to cum but leaving me to lay next to her so she can feel my hardon until she falls asleep. Thirty minutes later I fall asleep.

So I’ve gone since Monday, she’s only gone without since Wednesday. We are going out tonight; I’ll probably be able to seduce her.

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