Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oral Promises

Last week I was perusing the personal ads. I looked at ads for couples seeking couples and saw some I liked, but none that I thought Wife would go for right now. I looked at ads for men seeking couples. Obviously most of these men are bi. While I’m not afraid of another’s cock touching me while my wife plays with him, not being bi I’m not what they are looking for. I did see an ad for a man seeking a cuckolding couple. I mentally put that one down as a possibility for the future, but I think he may want me to join in in ways I'm not ready to do.

I looked at ads for women seeking couples. A few looked good to me, but I don’t think Wife wants that just now. I looked at ads for women seeking women. While Wife would probably like this, she isn’t ready to initiate contact alone. I didn’t think the other woman would appreciate my presence when they meet. I looked at ads for couples seeking women. Same concerns as above.

I looked at ads for men seeking women. Wow, lots of ads! Lots of strange ones. A few pics of some pretty good looking bodies, I must admit, mixed in with many more that were, well, not. I did see a different ad from the man seeking a couple (his pic was ok). So maybe he would work out. Finally I saw an ad that looked promising, a man close to Wife’s and my age was looking for a woman to enjoy his oral talents NSA. Wife really likes having her pussy licked but over the years I’ve come to like it less and less. Someone that really likes to do something will probably be much better at it than someone who finds it ok. So the opportunity to give my wife something she really wants, performed by a man that can do it better than me, is too much to ignore.

He made it clear that there is no possibility of intercourse. While in my mind this limits their fun, I know Wife would see this as a way to start slowly. The ad seemed like a really good fit for us.

So I show a few of the better ads to Wife on Friday evening, and she is intrigued by the last one. After a hot session in bed ...

My naked body laid next to hers. I run my hands over her arms ever so lightly. Not a word is spoken. The gentle touch causes the little hairs to stand up. After a few passes I switch to a firm caress which conveys just enough of the strength in my hands. I alternate, gentle and firm, gentle and firm, and expand my range to other areas, the shoulders, the neck, the ears. Finally, I include the breasts, gently teasing the nipples which have been begging for attention.

Many minutes later my hand is on her thigh. Light strokes up, firm strokes down, each time getting a tiny bit closer to where she wants me to go. I stroke the outside pussy lips lightly, barely touching them. She can’t stand it. She loves it. I get firmer avoiding certain parts. The thumb and two fingers gently “kiss” her pussy. I don’t know if she understands the symbolism or just loves the pleasure.

I pass a finger over her clitoris. Then again. Now on the down stroke it just barely enter her. She is going wild. I continue to slowly go deeper while not forgetting to include her clitoris. Many minutes later I feel her start to tighten. It won’t be long before she has an orgasm. I keep going until she starts those wonderful rhythmic spasms. Soon she grasps my hand silently telling me to stop. I hold still as wave after wave of pleasure passes through her body.

When she recovers, I slide on top of her. I don’t tease anymore and the time for light touches and gentleness is over. I enter her again, this time with my cock. She is so wet and squeezes me. I move in and out quickly. It’s my turn and this is for me. The fact she likes it is all the better. I pound away until I'm done.

... as we cuddled, I asked her if she still wanted to me to respond to the ad, and she said yes. So Saturday morning I sent a reply describing my wife including a picture, indicating that she was intrigued, and asked if he was interested and what he would do with her. All day Saturday I would check my email for a reply whenever I was near a computer. By Saturday night, still no response :(. I checked again Sunday morning and no reply. So that led me to two possible conclusions: 1) he won’t check his email until Monday, or 2) he’s not interested :(. I decided that we wouldn’t know until Monday.

Sunday afternoon I’m finalizing my first post and OMG there’s a reply! A chill runs down my spine right to my crotch. There is a man within minutes of my house that wants to eat my wife! I send her a text “You have a reply! ;D” Her reply “:)”.

He sounds like an intelligent, fun and respectful man. We’re exchanging emails and making arrangements to meet, but that probably won’t happen for a more than a week. Life gets in the way of fun. I’ll keep you posted.

Note: Edited 3/11/09 to clarify some points

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