Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Meeting Moved Up?

Here are the texts I exchanged with Wife today:

Thursday morining
Me: Next weekend is so far away
Wife: I guess you haven't checked the email. We have a conflict.
Me: :( Maybe we could go earlier
Wife: Yeah
Me: So eat & meet, leave early
Wife: Sounds good to me :)

Later Thursday evening
Me: Sure you don't want to meet tomorrow night? It's just an hour or two?
Wife: idk

Previously she always said no.

Me: Hmmm. Want to see if he's available?
Wife: I guess so
Me: Wow :) :) :)
Wife: :$ (blush)
Me: Ok when I get home I'll write an email
Wife: Did we talk about this Sunday?
Me: Ok that will give us a couple of options :*
Wife: :*

So we've asked. Wish us luck.

And we've agreed - no sex until we meet him.

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