Saturday, March 21, 2009

Catching Up Since Wednesday

Thursday night I asked for and received a blowjob/handjob. We usually don't just do me because I enjoy seeing her have pleasure. As we were tired and needed to get to sleep soon, Wife was happy to oblige me (this time). Wife told me to think about me, her and one other person to join us. Of course, I thought of Firecracker. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and Wife never asked who I was thinking about. It was fairly quick and then we went to sleep.

Last night we went to dinner with Firecracker. It was a last minute decision to go out for a drink, that turned into meeting Firecracker for a drink, that turned into meeting for dinner. As we had a few members of both our families present, there were only veiled innuendos of past events and secretive smiles. We had a delicious meal and drinks at a seafood restaurant that lead to a night of ... watching TV. As we were catching up on some shows on the DVR I received a text from Firecracker. She had intended to invite us back to her place for a beer (Do you think she meant "and maybe something more?") but forgot. Next time maybe we'll make something worth writing about happen.

In regard to meeting with Mr. X, we hadn't heard from him since last Sunday. We were beginning to wonder. Finally on Friday afternoon I received an email. He got called out of the country on business and apologized. We may get to meet tomorrow, but maybe not. As always, I'll keep you posted.

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