Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Saturday Just Keeps Getting Better

We went to our appointment on Saturday, and at one point, even though I had brushed my teeth, I could still taste Wife from our Afternoon Delight, faint but definitely there. :)

Following our appointment, we had dinner with another couple; one that we have both fantasized about before. I hadn't seen the wife in a few years. She's a bit older, but still hot. Years ago we had mutual crushes on each other. I was way too timid about these things back then to even playfully suggest anything. Now they are too good of friends and connected with the rest of real life that we couldn’t risk losing them.

Anyway we have a good meal and great conversation. It was a lot of good clean fun. After we get home, Wife not so subtly suggests another show. She likes the outfit I wore – button down shirt with jeans, more rugged than before. I let her know in a kind way that I probably won’t tonight (knowing that I probably would).

Then a wondrous thing occurs, I find Suburban Hotwife has made a post, her first in more than a month. Maybe my luck with following sites is getting better. (Now if I could just get Allie and David to post an update.) The day just keeps getting better.

At bedtime, I wait until Wife is in bed. I turn on the radio and search for a suitable song, but can’t find one. “Oh well, I guess I can’t dance without music.” At her urging, I go through the stations again and find Mustang Sally performed by Wilson Picket.
Thumbs on my belt.
Thrust a shoulder on each beat.
Shirt Unbuttoned.
Her hands on my chest.
All the while my hips are moving to the beat.
Shirt off shoulders.
That devilish smile again.
Shirt off and twirled in air.
Tossed in her direction.
Belt undone and slid back and forth.
Then the button to my jeans opened, zipper down, pants down.
Show off my butt again in my boxer briefs.
Now my boxer briefs start coming down, can’t quite see my cock yet and …

Mustang Sally was written in 1965 and is short by today’s standards, especially if you are stripping to it.

… commercial comes on. “Too bad.” “No, Please.” I find another song and finish my show. I used my hands to give her an orgasm, and we finish with her sucking my cock.

Yes Saturday was a great day.

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