Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Meeting with Mr. G – Part 2 – The Club

So, he suggests we go to a topless club.  You may remember my wife and I talked about going to a club before.  Wife has never been to one and was curious.  So we go.

The first thing we notice is the smoke.  Most nights out for us are in restaurants that have bars, and (at least in our area) the smoking and non-smoking areas are in completely separate rooms with separate air handlers.  Not so in the strip clubs apparently.  Smoke hits you in the face as you enter.  It has been a long time since we’ve been in such a smoky club.

But the next thing we notice is the pretty girls, lots of pretty girls.  White, black, latin, short, tall, small boobs, big boobs, pretty, not so pretty and a couple with some extra padding.  They all have outfits made out of nothing more than the strings of a string bikini.  I quickly forgot about the smoke.

We sit in a small elevated area near the DJ a little way from the stage.  This is an excellent place to sit because all the girls come talk to the DJ.  There’s always a couple to look at and chat with.  Wife and Mr. G sit next to each other and I sit next to Mr. G.  Wife and I decided on the way over that she and Mr. G would be the couple in the club and I would be the third wheel.  It seems to be working as there is some flirting going on.

After a round of beers, the manager gives us a round of Leg Spreaders as we watch the girls and talk.  (Why the manager gave us drinks is another, much less interesting, story.)  I decide I should leave them alone for awhile.  I go to the restroom, but on the way stop to tip the girl on the stage.  Well no one was tipping at the stage all night (I guess saving the money for dances).  She doesn’t just offer the side of her g-string for me to slip the bill in.  She has to dance for me, inches from my face for most of the song.  I pull out a larger bill to tip her (she knows her job well).

After I make it to the restroom (I’m thankful there’s not so guy wanting a buck to give me a dirty towel), I head back to our seats and there is some more flirting and touching.  But Mr. G backs off when he sees me coming.  I found out later from Wife that they discussed likes and dislikes.  In particular, he found out that Wife does not like to suck cock.  Then there we shared more stories and jokes as we met more girls at the DJ.

At one point he decides that Wife needs a lap dance.  This girl who we never saw wearing anything more than a thong, starts dancing in front of Wife’s face.  He tells her she’s a strip club virgin and the girl starts giving her a real show.  She puts Wife’s hands on her breasts rubs all over her.  She pulls Wife’s camisole down so she, and Mr. G, as well as others, can enjoy her breasts.  The dancer comments on how big they are, in addition to a comment Mr. G made about her 38 C’s earlier at the restaurant.  Both comments make Wife feel good about her lovely tits.

As she dances for Wife she asks her “Are you fucking both of them?” and she finds out I’m her husband.  She comes over to me and says “I want to sleep with your wife …” (ok, that’s hot.  Probably not tonight for a couple reasons.  But still hot) “… 150 bucks” (and that’s not).  That is the first time a hooker has ever propositioned me.  As hot as the first part of her sentence was, the second half was equally repulsive.  The thought of paying this homely girl to be with Wife spoiled it.  Sex is about uncontrollable desires and you can’t buy that desire.  Later I here she told Wife 180 and 20 more for Mr. G to watch.  I don’t know if that is before she found out I was the husband or not.  Still we enjoy her dance and send her on her way.

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