Saturday, January 30, 2010

Getting Ready for Round 2 with Mr. G - Part 2

Thursday 10/14/10
Wife got a text from … Mr. G? No.  Mr. F? No.  You’ll never guess.  We didn’t expect to hear from him again.  It was Mr. E.  Poor guy.  If he had just sent that text a couple weeks earlier - before Wife met Mr. G.  She could be all giddy about him right now.  And I know she would have slept with him next time we met him.  She was into him.  He is a good guy - interesting, hard working, good looking and fun.  Just not as much so as Mr. G.  Of course it could be that we saw him in July and we just saw Mr. G.

Anyway, we haven’t heard from him in three months.  All he had to do to get in my wife’s pants was keep in touch.  Poor guy.  Now, she’s had a taste of another man’s cock and she wants more. ♂

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