Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Meeting with Mr. G – Part 5 – Saving the Best for Last

At 4:30 I wake up hard. I caress my wife, her arms, back, legs, neck. I give her light kisses on her neck, ears, jaw line and lips. This leads to my hand on and then in her pussy. She has her back to me as I stroke her pussy for a long time. It feels so good. She takes nearly 20 minutes to reach orgasm.

Afterwards, she holds my semi hard cock. She says she forgot to tell me something that happened in his car. “I kissed it.” He asked her to kiss his cock right after I let them know it was time to go. He knew she didn’t like to suck cock. But when he asked, she wanted to kiss it for him. She lowered her mouth to his dick. She ran her tongue twice around the head. And she kiss his cock on the head. He loved it and SHE loved it too.

My penis becomes hard as granite. I kiss her and climb on top of her. As I enter her, we continue to kiss. I don’t take anywhere near 20 minutes. The image of my wife’s mouth on (not just anyone’s, but) Mr. G’s penis fills my brain. As I’m fucking her, she, after a few minutes, demonstrates on my chest what she did to his cock – her tongue makes two circles and then a kiss. “That’s what I did.” It’s too much. I need to cum. I stroke faster and soon I’m pumping cum into her pussy. We lay there for a few minutes and she says “I guess I saved that bit of information until just the right time.” I couldn’t agree more.

We fall asleep in each other’s arms. After a long time, we end up touching back to back. It is not a usual position for us, but it feels nice. I dream of

her and Mr. G cuddling. Long term lovers embrace after a long love making session while Wife and I are back to back. I’m holding a petite, young, hot black babe. She’s someone we picked up for the night. After we sleep awhile I ask her to climb over me and make out with Wife. Afterwards Wife has her make out with Mr. G who cums in her pussy. Then she is back to me.
I drift in and out of sleep.

In the morning we get up and have a very horny day. Has Wife found a lover? We certainly hope so. We will see.


Confessor X said...

What a great series!! I was with you every step of the way Quietman, its soo erotic...thanks for sharring

Bert said...

Very hot. Can't wait to hear what happens next (Like I don't know what it will be...............

Quiet Man said...

Confessor X and Bert,
Thanks for letting me know you liked it. Bet you can't wait to hear what happens next. Or maybe you already know.