Friday, January 15, 2010

First Meeting with Mr. G – Part 3 – Puttering Around While They’re Alone

We had the possibility of needing to pick up a family member at midnight and all night long we are checking in via text messages.  Finally at 11:00 we know we need to, but Mr. G’s not with us at the moment but gets back in a minute or two.  I leave so he and Wife can have alone time.

I go to the main stage again, only I hang back a bit this time.  Nobody I really want to see up close.  Where’d the girl with the big tits go?  I head to the restroom then to the back stage.  Same story. (which shouldn’t be a surprise since the girls move from the left of the main stage to the right to the back stage.  And yet at the time I did find it surprising.)  Worse yet, there’s nowhere to sit to see the stage except at the stage.  So I sit where I can watch the crowd.

I have a short conversation with a nice looking black chick.  Then her “friend” joins her as she sits on my lap.  Each wants to dance with me.  Each trying to one up the other.  I love capitalism.  One is thin, small tits, very pretty with a tight body.  The other has a little more weight on her but not heavy just more curves, bigger tits but not huge, pretty, soft body, but she gives extras.  She kissed me on the lips, put her nipples in my mouth and my hand on her ass then on her crotch.  I had been giving her my ever so light touches when I sensed she wanted more.  I grabbed her ass, pulled her close and gave her a look that let her know I wanted her.  Her eyes lit up, her body tightened, and she grabbed my cock.  Soon she moved her thong aside for me to touch.

I end up getting a nice dance from both of them!  First kiss with a black girl, first suck of a black girl’s nipples, first touch of a black girl’s pussy.  My bucket list is shrinking.  Still want to fuck a hot black chick though.

I gave Wife and Mr. G about 30 minutes alone and made the most of the time.

I come back to see his hand on my wife’s thigh and it stays there this time.  They are talking.  I sit down and watch the girls.  Another dancer on her way to the DJ stops.  She is freezing, and it shows.  She likes how warm my hands are.  I say “That’s my wife.”  She glances over and sees the hands.  The questions are all over her face.  She is fascinated by this.  Right then Wife and Mr. G get up with their coats.  I had given them about 30 minutes to themselves while I got my dance, but Wife was waiting for me to come back.  Not because she wanted to leave with me, she wanted to leave with him.  Wife tells me to come out in 10 minutes, about the time we need to leave.  The dancer is amazed.  She is a psychology student and we talk most of the 10 minutes about what Wife does, why I allow it, and the fact that I’m not allowed to play.  Then capitalism wins out over her curiosity.  She goes off to make some money.  It was really quite fun to tell her this.  I might be able to get into this hotwife/cuckold lifestyle.

I go outside and see them in his car.  I watch from a discreet distance in the bitter cold.  It is so hot to know my wife is in his car having fun.  At one point I can tell from the way her head is tilted back that his hand is down her pants and she loves it.  I give them an extra 5 minutes, but now it is time to go.  We can’t be late.  I walk by the car to let them know.  They finish up, get out of the car and kiss on the sidewalk as I go to our car.  A few moments later she joins me and we leave.

On the drive she tells me some of what happened, but the ride is not long enough to tell me everything.  One thing she tells me is she got to feel how big his cock is and it’s bigger than mine.  “But that’s through his pants” I said “It’s not as big as it feels.”  “It wasn’t through his pants” she says.

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