Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Meeting with Mr. G – Part 1 – The Restaurant

Friday a week after new years was a long day at the end of a long week.  It was a week ago that we met Mr. F.  (Notice that he is still Mr. F.  That’s because he didn’t enter Wife so he didn’t get a name.)  We were up past midnight on Friday.  The last thing we were doing was replying to our AFF email.  We sent one promising prospect an invite to our friends network where he could see a full body shot of Wife.  Another we had to request a pic for the second time.  We told a third that he’s 150 miles away so he’d have to travel here.  And there were several no thank you too.  (We try to respond to everyone that emails us, even if it is just to say no thanks.)

So we got to bed late and Saturday morning it was cold outside.  We spent a lazy day inside in our pajamas.  Even took a nap in the afternoon.  Best of all, texts with Mr. G confirm we are on for tonight!

We take late afternoon showers.  Wife shaves her legs in the shower.  I trim my pubes (just in case).  I gather the camera, lube and condoms (of course we didn’t use any of these last time) as well as printouts of his AFF profile and another guy in case we get stood up again.

We’re meeting in the same restaurant at the same time as last Friday.  Tonight it is much more crowded, but luckily we get a booth in the bar area (right next to the one we had last weekend).

He arrives on time and oh my goodness, he is even better looking than his picture.  Ha, jokes on me.  I didn’t see this man walk in but noticed a black man looking around.  I’m about to wave when he talks to people he obviously knows in the booth next to us.  Odd, that was the first single person I saw come in looking for someone and it is a man and he’s black at the very time Mr. G was supposed to arrive.  Wife had missed a text from Mr. G a minute earlier that he was getting out of his car.  She returned it with “We are in the booth in the bar area”.  Turns out it was him and he just happened to know the people next to us.

He sits down and we immediately hit it off.  He’s a hard working, personable, friendly, hot, funny go getter.  An all around good guy who even takes care of his grandmother.

Our drinks arrive, a margarita for Wife and a Sam Adams Winter Ale for me.  He orders a sex on the beach.  We have good lively fun conversation for an hour and a half.  There were stories of the limo, the adult bookstore with a $25 cover, and the nude nightclub (not a "club", but a (almost) regular nightclub).  And other than the stares he got from a couple when he sat down next to Wife, it was a perfect first meeting with the conversation covering the essential topics (mostly) effortlessly.

I go to the restroom to give them some privacy.  Big mistake.  I have to go to the restroom every 30 minutes after that.  They didn’t seem to mind.

When Wife goes to the restroom, I find out he is definitely interested and I suggest we could go to a hotel.  Wife gets back and there is a bit of an awkward moment when I say we ought to figure out where to go next.  So we chat some more and when we are all very comfortable again he suggests we go to a club, a topless club!


Anonymous said...

I am dying to hear more. Thanks for the post, hope there is the next installment soon!

Quiet Man said...

Hope the follow on installments didn't disappoint. The events certainly didn't disappoint us.