Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Meeting with Mr. G – Part 4 – In His Car

One thing she tells me is she got to feel how big his cock is and it’s bigger than mine.  “But that’s though his pants” I said “It’s not as big as it feels.”  “It wasn’t through his pants” she says.

These thoughts are driving me crazy as we make our pick up and drop off.  Then quickly home to take a shower together.  We talk about all that happened, first in the shower then in bed.  I get to the bed first and lay in her spot to warm it for her.  She slips in naked.  As I caress her, she tells me everything.

He opened the car door for Wife before he slid in the other side.  He wanted to move the car due to an inconvenient street lamp.  Wife said no, she didn’t want me to call the cops when I came out to any empty parking space.

They kiss.  Not like the little pecks I had earlier with the dancer, but open mouth passionate kisses.  Tongues intertwined, darting in and out.  Lips sucking on each other.  When she tells me this, I get rock hard and kiss her aggressively.  She hasn’t kissed another man like this since 8 months after we started dating.  Mr. E did give her a little peck and STM (Mr. Z) wanted to kiss her (as I’m sure Mr. F did) but there is something special about Mr. G.  A chemistry.  She wanted to kiss him and kiss him hard.

As they kiss, hands explored their bodies.  He squeezed her tits again and touched between her legs.  She felt his arms and shoulders.  He lowered her shirt (again) and sucked her breasts.  He starts to undo her pants.  She helps him out and pulls them down – with her panties (There’s no time to waste.)  She feels his cock through his pants.  It’s long and hard.  Without wasting any time, she opens his pants and pulls out his cock.  She likes it.  It’s bigger than mine, about the same girth, but longer (and she can’t even see all of it!).  She stroked it as they continue to kiss with his hand in her pussy.

When I let them know it’s time to go, they kiss, get dressed and get out of his car.  On the sidewalk, they hug and kiss goodbye.

We had a great time.  It was a wonderful night even without (much of) the hotwife activities.  We made a good friend and spent 5 hours with him, more by far than any other Mr.  All three of us hit it off really well.  We talked about maybe he is the one.  Maybe he’ll be Wife’s lover.  We’re hopeful everything will work out.

At this point, Wife wants to bask in the thrill of the evening and I hold her as she falls asleep thinking of Mr. G.

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