Saturday, January 9, 2010

An Unlikely Bull

Mr. F is an unlikely bull.  He is young, just 23.  He’s a bit chubby, white, and not aggressive at all.  A very unlikely bull.  He’s also bi-curious, though he has never done anything sexually with a man.  Yes, I’d say very unlikely to get my wife in bed.

We met for drinks on the evening of New Years Day.  Wife and I are dressed stylishly.  We were a little early and thought we would shop a bit, but even though it was Friday night, stores closed early for New Years.  So we got to our meeting early.

I ordered a beer and Wife had a drink with rum and an umbrella.  He was late, close to 20 minutes late.  That didn’t bother us too much, we had all night.  He wore a striped polo (that did not flatter his physique).  He was friendly, clean cut, and most importantly clean.

When he joins us at our booth, he takes a seat next to me.  This boy’s gonna have to grow a pair if he expects to get laid tonight.  I told him to go ahead and sit with my wife, get to know her.  As we talk he does touch her leg.  I see and encourage more.  Later Wife tells me that he would only touched the outside of her leg.

It’s an awkward situation but “The Man” was charming, conversational, brought up all the right topics but lightened the mood with a joke or wit when needed.  Sophisticated, confident and suave.  He made the meeting enjoyable for everyone.

Unfortunately, “The Man” was me.  Mr. F was anything but smooth.  He was nervous, unsure how to proceed, asked few questions and said little directly to Wife.  Lucky for him the Quiet Man was there to put everyone at ease.

After about 40 minutes, we decide to go to a hotel.  I know!  How did this guy get so lucky?  Did I mention he was young?  There’s something about someone younger than you that finds you desirable.  That got Wife excited.  So we head to a hotel.

In the room, Wife and Mr. F are hugging with trembling caresses.  The nerves are back.  He gently kisses her neck.  I suggest that the three of us strip to our underwear and get in bed.  He’s kissing Wife on the neck then sucking a nipple.  I’m on the other side of her and start sucking the other nipple.  My hands are ever so lightly touching her breasts, neck and ears.  He moves a hand down and enters her pussy.  We are really getting Wife going, he doing the heavy work, while I put on the finishing touches – gently stroking her legs, arms, neck, breasts (when they aren’t being sucked) thighs and crotch.  It only takes a few minutes for Wife to orgasm, the first time another man has done so.  But it wasn’t just him.  How much was due to my caresses?

The three of us snuggled while Wife and I kissed.  After a bit, Wife said she wanted a show.  Uh oh!  I knew what she wanted.  We had discussed it on the ride from the restaurant to the hotel.  We knew he was someone safe to play with without a condom, and I brought up a cream pie, but Wife said no.  She said she’s like to see me suck a cock and have mine sucked.  I asked if she wanted me to suck him to completion and she said “That’s up to you.”

So I knew what she meant, but I wasn’t ready to do that.  This was only the second time I had even seen another man’s cock erect.  I had never touched one, let alone put it in my mouth.  I will admit that I was not entirely put off by the idea.  I had seen pics of large cocks being sucked be beautiful women and wondered what it would be like.  What would the dick taste like?  Could I get his balls to pull up tight?  Would I be able to feel the head grow just before he cums?  What would his cum taste like?  And these were big dicks, bigger than mine (which isn’t small by any means).  But this one was closer to the size of my thumb than my cock.  It was maybe 5 inches and thin.  I had gotten myself ready to eat cum from my wife’s pussy, but I wasn’t ready for this.

After a bit more snuggling and caressing, I reached across Wife, down to his cock.  He did the same to mine.  For a few minutes we played with each other and Wife.  Then I got up the nerve and did it.  I bent down and took it in my mouth.  It tasted like my thumb, not bad in any way.  I flicked the head with my tongue.  I sucked it all the way in – didn’t have to worry about deep throating :).  I kept changing it up, sometimes using my hands to stroke him while my mouth concentrated on the tip.  I employed the techniques that I liked having been done to me over the years.  I looked up to Wife.  She was enjoying her show.

So here I am giving him a little pre-fuck foreplay.  Then he would (hopefully) suck me (maybe to completion) before he fucks my wife.  After about 10 minutes, I felt he was getting close (I could get his balls to tighten, though I didn’t specifically notice, and no I did not feel his head get bigger).  Sometime during this I realized that this is not something I enjoy and probably won’t do again.  Getting a man (close) to orgasm didn’t give me that same feeling of joy as giving one to a woman.  I didn’t dislike it, I didn’t stop in disgust, but I had satisfied my curiosity.  My questions had been answered (almost).  The last question.  What would his cum taste like?  I knew it was now or never.  This was my one chance to find out what it tastes like straight from his cock.  Not being one comfortable with regrets, and figuring he’s young and will recover quickly to fuck Wife, I go for it.  I don’t let up.  I suck his cock and lick the head.  Before I know it, he’s cumming in my mouth.  I looked at Wife, dick in mouth, full of cum.  I try to open my mouth some to show her.

She loved it.  Seeing her man with a dick in his mouth.  She liked seeing me work it.  She could tell he was getting close and I was going to let him cum.  Her man doing the very thing she doesn’t like to do.  Still at that very moment she thought “This is nothing like what I have to do.”  That small cock doesn’t fill his mouth, doesn’t feel like swallowing a banana whole, no gagging.  But that didn’t matter.  She still loved it.

Some of his cum runs over my lip.  I lick it up and swallow.  It tastes not good, somewhat bitter and not thick but runny.  Was it a lot?  I don’t know, I just swallowed and I think it may have been just one spurt, when he asked me to stop.  I had done it.  I sucked a cock, made him cum and swallowed.

I lay back down and hug Wife.  I ask if she liked her show.  She said “Yeah and are you going to have some fun?”  Mr. F answered “Oh yeah.”  He moves between my legs and starts sucking.  I get hard.  Wife and I kiss while he goes down on me.  He sucks awhile.  Was it 10 minutes?  Probably more like 5.  He’s almost as good a cock sucker as he is a conversationalist, unfortunately.  He also didn’t have much experience to draw on to be able to copy what he likes.  I get soft.  I try imagining a 23 year old girl was doing this, but she turned out to be just as unfeminine and untalented as he.  I take it in my hand and stroke it.  I get hard and in a few minutes am ready to cum.  I put it in his mouth and keep stroking as I fill him with spurt after spurt.  He swallows a couple of times but doesn’t miss a drop.

Afterward we shift so Wife is in the middle again.  We repeat the earlier episode of us pleasing her.  This time I let him do it all.  It takes longer (which isn’t a bad thing) but it’s all him.  I just held her.  She has a very good, very satisfying orgasm and I know another man did it.

She didn’t fuck him.  I could sense she wasn’t going to after my bj.  But she got two satisfying orgasms.  We thank our very satisfied host, get dressed and go.

On the way home we stop at a restaurant/bar for dessert to celebrate.


Hubby said...

Small cock and unable to hold a decent conversation...good thing for him he was young. That said, sounded hot! Thanks for the post.

Quiet Man said...

Thanks for the comment. It was fun ... but nothing like last night. :) You'll have to wait for that story but it's worth it.

And I took a quick look at your blog Wow! I can't wait to read it.

Anonymous said...

Sounded hot, glad your wife enjoyed the show

Quiet Man said...

It this the same Anon that raised such interesting questions in July, or do you just share the same name? ;)

Either way, I'm glad you enjoyed reading about it, and thanks for letting me know you liked it.