Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mr. Saturday Night Special

Mr. G is black, young and confident.  We had been looking forward to meeting him all week.  So it is unfortunate that we had to postpone our meeting with Mr. G.  Wife was just not up for it after two late nights out in a row.  He was OK with that, but it’s got to make him at least a bit concerned that we might just be a waste of time.  We are seeing if we can set it up for next weekend.

We used the time to spend the evening alone at home.  We cuddled and talked.  It’s been almost a year since we started this journey and we’ve learned a lot.  Wife was concerned about the time it takes to find “the” man.  She wasn’t looking forward to that.

This weekend was just about having fun now.  From our discussion we found that she really wants men for two different things.  She wants to have fun with new guys and she wants “the” man for a long term relationship.  The new guys are there for a fun night.  They may turn into more often lovers.  Eventually she would like to be in a relationship where she meets once or twice a month with “the” man, who is faithful to her.

This is a big change, but it’s been developing in her mind for awhile.  When we started, she wanted to take it slow, exchange emails, and meet before she decided if there was the chance for sex in the future.  Now she is ready to have fun.  If the guy excites her, he can satisfy her that night.  She really is turning into a hotwife.  She’s going to take her pleasure whenever she wants, with whomever she wants.  She’s going to play around, using her body to make her happy.  She has realized that her body is hers and she has every right to share it with anyone she wants.  Of course she sees it the same with respect to my body.  By that I mean it’s hers and she has every right to decide whom I share it with. :-(

We had a very passionate love making session after we discussed this.  I told her a story using my hands to enhance the experience:

We are standing outside the hotel room of a man you’ve never met.  I have you remove your overcoat, leaving you in your camisole, panties, stockings and heels.  I give you a blindfold, have you put it on and knock.  The door is answered, but he doesn’t say a word.  Instead he takes you in his arms and gropes your body.  You notice his cologne as he kisses your neck and caresses your hips and behind.  Are you still in the hallway?  You realize he’s holding you off the ground as he’s exploring your curves, putting his hands under the few clothes you have on.  But has he taken you in the room?  His desire for you is very evident in his enthusiasm and in his hardness you occasionally feel. 

He lays you on the bed and I touch you.  You’re glad I’m still here.  He takes your camisole and panties off slowly as he kisses your whole body.  Then he is kneeling above you and rests the head of his enormous cock on your mouth.  You resist, but he pushes it in and you suck it.  He is definitely bigger than me.  After just a few moments, he is licking your pussy.  He is very good and keeps it up as you have 2 orgasms.

He’s on top of you.  Kissing breasts, neck, ears, mouth.  He’s a great kisser.  And you kiss him back.  He slides into you.  Is he wearing a condom?  You can’t tell.  He moves in and out.  Increasing his pace.  He’s grunting just a bit now with each stroke.  It’s the first you’ve heard his voice.  You imagine it a bit gruff and it’s getting you there again.  He’s not trying to get you there though.  You can tell.  This is for him and he’s not stopping until he is satisfied.  And that does it for you.  Orgasm number three.  As your pussy squeezes his cock, he cums with a series of long moans.  You lay there together, him inside you for a few minutes, gently kissing.  He whispers in your ear “You’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever met.”

We decided that we would update our AFF profile and I would continue to screen the guys.  She only wants guys bigger than me and they need to be the type of guy you want to be around.  We will use the get to know each other meeting to determine if she wants to have sex that night.  The decision is hers and his, not mine.  I’m sure if I had a valid objection, she would take that into account, but she’s going to do what she wants.

So I spent much of Sunday rewriting our profile and updating our interests.  I think the new profile will lead to more meets and many of them will end in bed.

Update:  I wrote this a few days ago but I had to finish the previous post before I could publish it.  We are meeting Mr. G tonight and I think we are going to have fun.

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