Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our Second House Party

A week before the party, we hear from Couple 3.  It was good to hear from them.  After the first party, we had extended an invitation to meet with them to get to know each other.  They couldn’t make it and we replied with another time then.  It was obviously their move.  (More obvious than I made it seem here.  But I’ve got to save space.  Got to keep the readers interested.  If I go on and on about every little aspect, who the hell’s going to read all this crap.  So I cut back where I can and only include that which is absolutely necessary.  Just the basics, nothing extra.  Once I get my point across, I move on.  Clear and concise.)  When we didn’t hear back for awhile, we figured they weren’t that interested.  They were checking in to see if we would be there and want to see us.  They, however, were not certain they would both be able to attend, babysitter conflicts.  But one would be there for certain.  I hope it’s Mrs. 3.  But then again, if she doesn’t play with me, I think it would be better if it’s Mr. 3.  It’s pretty likely he and Wife will play again if he shows.  Through the week, Mr. 3 and Wife IM a bit.

When we arrive there are half a dozen couples there and we chat with some of them.  Couple 3 is there, but are in conversation with some other couples.  We really weren’t interested in any of the other couples there as far as swinging goes.  Don’t get me wrong, they are fun and interesting people.  We had some good conversation, but it wasn’t going to lead to sex.

The conversation Couple 3 was involved in breaks up, and Mr. 3 makes his way over to say Hi.  Mrs. 3, on the other hand, goes another way.  I notice that she is always where I’m not.  She has even talked to Wife, but apparently is avoiding me.  And this isn’t the first time.  At our first house party, while Wife and Mr. 3 were in the bedroom, Mrs. 3 was one of the people that joined us in the hot tub.  She slipped in next to me before she noticed who I was.  Before we had a chance to say 5 words to each other she was gone.  Now I thought that might have been cause the only words that came to her mind were the only ones that came to mine: So, our spouses are fucking.  Might have been a good conversation starter, but most likely not.  Avoidance is unusual for me.  Women usually are very comfortable around me.  I did get a chance to join her in 2 group conversations where it would have been just too awkward to leave.  But never any one on one get to know each other conversation.  So, I’m left with one of three conclusions: 1) Mrs. 3 has no interest in me sexually or otherwise (I know, hard to believe), 2) Mrs. 3 is not ready to show any interest in me (women can be fickle), or 3) Mrs. 3 is a nut bag (which is contrary to everything everyone has said about her).  And they all lead me to the same course of action: leave her alone.  If she wants me, she will find me.  I just hope she doesn’t interfere with Mr. 3 and Wife playing.

We talked with people we had met at the last party as well as others.  Single Newbie Girl was not there.  I was too embarrassed to ask her friends why she didn’t show, afraid she might have told them I growled at her.  I really hope I didn’t scare her off.  But then again if my very mild (in this arena, my faux pas was very mild compared to some of the stories we’ve heard) aggressiveness was too much, she probably shouldn’t be in this lifestyle.  We saw a few people having sex in the pool, drank a few drinks and had a good time, even though there was no play for either of us.

On the way home, I expressed to Wife the parties are fun but I preferred meeting couples one on one.  We don’t seem to really get to know anyone at the parties very well.  With the one on one meets, there is time to really talk, and so far we are batting a thousand.  She completely agrees.


Willinator said...

Thanks for sharing the story as it unfolds. I just got caught up from the beginning. Im new to Blogs . I do have a question or two lol ,,what is the update on BD ?? Is wife still dating him ?? You havnt made any mention of that side of the story. If so how often ? Alone ?? does she bring home stories as to their dates.
My wife and I are a lot older than you guys in that were 63. We started back in 78 , so I know all of what you say. Been there done that and i fully understood every feeling and thought that you posted. It brought back a lot of feelings and good times. Even the houseparties which we were still attending up to a year ago The wife is still on AFF . One other small detail you never posted a picture of your lovely wife. I would love to see her. Anyway Thanks for sharing .

Quiet Man said...

Wife wants to see BD more but their schedules don't seem to fit. I have written about each time she has been with him.

I'm glad I could bring back some good memories for you. And I'm glad your wife has had so many years of fun.

No I haven't posted a picture of Wife. I've thought about it, but haven't decided on the right setting. I did see a shot I wish I could have gotten when she was with Mr. H. That would have made a great picture for the blog. Maybe next time.

Thanks for reading and writing.

Milfsrhot said...

The wife sounds so beautiuful and sexy. She gets this 28 year old so excited. Wish I could roll my tongue all over her.

Anonymous said...

anxiously waiting for updates.....:)

Quiet Man said...

@Milfsrhot: Thank you. I'm sure she would like that.

@Anon: Not as anxious as I am to actually do something worth writing about. There has been another house party with the same results as last time; we had fun, watched some people having sex, but neither got the chance to play. Although when we got home we had an absolutely wonderful time.

Wife is considering another guy. We may meet him soon. Also, we are going to try to meet new couple before September. I hope to have something interesting to write about soon.

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