Monday, February 1, 2010

Round 2 with Mr. G - Part 2

I drive around the suburban area while they go at it in my backseat.  I know at least a few people saw that something was going on in the back seat.  At one point I pull up to a red light.  As I’m sitting there, the SUV is rocking side to side.  No one pulled up behind me before the light changed, but there were two cars in front of me and plenty traveling on the cross street.

As I continue to drive, I peek in the mirror, and when there is no traffic close, I look in the backseat.  I wonder how many times I almost run off the road!  Later, when I got on a highway, I ended up in front of a car with their bright lights on.  That really lit up the back seat.  I know that they, and the car behind them, saw a lot.  I slowed down to let them pass.  They pulled up beside and slowed down too.  Both cars had a good long look cause it took them minutes to pass me, with the second car lingering after the first had finished enjoying the show.  I imagine they saw Wife’s white legs with her black lover between them.  But maybe all they could see is that there were people in the back screwing.

At one point, Super Freak comes on the radio.  I hear him laugh and mutter “Rick James”.  Some of the lyrics are so appropriate.  I can relate to “She's a very special girl, from her head down to her toenails.”  I think he can relate to “the kind you don't take home to mother” and “i really love to taste her, every time we meet.”  I know Wife can relate to “She says that I’m her all time favorite.”  While we all know that “Three's not a crowd to her she says” and “That girl is pretty wild now”.  “She's all right.  She's all right.  That girl’s all right with me.  Yeah, Hey Hey Hey Hey.”

I ended up driving 25 miles playing dance music as they fuck, stroke, finger and please each other.  Wife is not a screamer, but she’s not silent either.  She has a certain sound that I know.  So when I'm driving and hear it, I know she’s having orgasms.  And she had a bunch of them, plus she is being louder than usual.  Finally, I decided to find another place to stop.  I chose a secluded neighborhood with big lots and few street lights, and stop on a dead end street facing the exit.  After about 10 minutes, they finished up with his hands in her pussy.  As they sat naked in the back seat, we talked as one, then a second, car drove by and some people were surprised to see Wife naked.


relevent married guy said...

Wow....what a fun evening! Thanks for sharing~! :)

Quiet Man said...

relevant married guy,
Thanks for the comment. Check back later. There's still a bit more to tell on this adventure. I think I'll have it posted tonight.