Sunday, March 27, 2011

Traveling Man

Damn, is this blog still around? I thought it was dead. I missed telling about the couple we met last September, Halloween, another couple we’ve become friends with, a lady I’ve become friends with, and my second Blogaversary. So, do you want me to tell you all of that in chronological order, or do you want me to tell the story I want to tell of my latest adventure.

Good, I was hoping you’d pick the story I want.

I was planning a trip for work and decided it would be fun to play, maybe even get the full night sleep over I’ve been wanting. I opened a new SwingLifestyle account to use when one or both of us travels, and potentially other scenarios like finding a hotwife to be my toy. Anyway I opened it and they gave me a year free :) as part of a membership drive in certain states which is weird since I didn’t live in that state, just traveling there. BTW they offered the free year to new couple but do not offer a free year to new single guys. I have since heard this is being offered in many states. If you open a new account and don’t get a free year after a couple log ins, just move to zip codes in other states.

I uploaded some pictures of both of us and started with the text of our “normal” profile, then modified it for a quick hookup. Next I had a look at the single ladies and couples in the area where I was headed. I was going alone and would only be able to play one night. I picked 25-30 promising profiles before I went to bed. I only selected those that were looking for a single male and that seemed real and ready to play.

The next evening I went over each profile again to make sure I could provide what they were asking for. There was one very intriguing couple. She wanted to be taken publicly while he watched. While I’m probably as close as they will ever come to finding a man to do her as she deserves, I’m not sure risking arrest while on a business trip is a wise career move.

I also came across another couple profile that made me want to meet them. She told single guys that they would be required to masturbate in front of her and swallow the load before they could touch her. And she was hot enough that I actually considered it. Such a strong woman would be very interesting to meet. Of course, such a strong woman may also “change her mind” after the show. Ultimately I decided against contacting either of these couples, though next time I’m in town …

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