Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Choose Wisely

I choose 3 couples, two where she meets separately with single guys and one where he likes to watch, and a single female to write to.  Now if I’ve learned anything from Riff Dog (and I haven’t) it’s quantity.  Sure, you’ve got to have a good product and sales pitch, but you need to take that product and pitch it to many women to get a bite.  So I was hoping for one in four, not the best odds in this type of activity.  But the rest didn’t seem worth the time, not that they wouldn’t have been a good time.  Just that they were looking for something other than me for just one night.

(As I write this I’m on the second leg of my trip.  On the first flight, I was eyeing two of the stewardesses and they knew it but remained professional.  On this flight I’ve had one stewardess rub her ass against my shoulder twice as she has gone by.  By ass I don’t mean her hip, but she turned her butt my way and brushed both cheeks as she past.  So see, it’s not company policy.  The other two could have done that too.)

Anyway the odds didn’t look so good.  One couple read my email that night (In reality I don’t know they read it.  SLS only tells you when it is opened.  Also, lifetime and paid members can read it without opening it.)  So I should say they opened it (which of course doesn’t mean they read it) but did not reply.  (Hence my suspicion they didn’t read it.  You would have replied to me.  Wouldn’t you?)  The next night another opened with no reply.  I was beginning to think I was going to be alone on my trip.  So I started on plan B.

Plan B was to have some fun when I came home.  I was getting back early in the afternoon.  Why not have an afternoon rendezvous with a friend.  (This is where skipping parts of the story makes it hard to explain.  Let’s just say I had two previously satisfied ladies to choose from.)

Now you might say if enticing one in four ladies was poor odds, one in two is even worse.  But you’d be wrong.  See now that I’ve satisfied them once, they want more, and I don’t have to convince them of the magic that is QM via email.  Just need to work out the scheduling.  And with two to work with I have an excellent chance for fun.

I started texting with one, first flirting, then telling her I was going to make time for that date we had been discussing.  I couldn’t commit, but we discussed the afternoon or evening I returned.  As soon as we finished, she sent one more text.  Only it wasn’t from her.  It was the other lady wishing me a fantastic day.  She said she was waiting for her kids to get out of school.  I said too bad I wasn’t there.  We flirted til it was time for her to go.  Ok, it was more than flirting.  I think it may even have been past sexting.  I told her the things I would do in detail if I was there.  All in 160 characters at a time.  By the time we were done I was trying to figure out how to see her too.  Again nothing was set yet.

The day I left for my trip I checked my SLS email one last time.  Not expecting anything and I got what I expected.  Since I wasn’t taking my personal laptop, I wouldn’t be able to log on SLS once I left home (unless I risked it in the hotel business center).  So I extinguished that last bit of hope for fun while traveling.  I packed, ate and spent the last hour with Wife.

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