Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Flight

As I went to leave I noticed I had left the laptop on and as is habit, I quickly checked my email before shutting it down.  Since I was on the computer, I opened SLS.  I had an email!  It was from the single female!  She was the one that intrigued me the most.  I had written to her first and had put the most effort into that email.  She was the one I wanted.

Now, here I am.  I’ve peeked her interest.  Got her to bite but I need to set the hook and I supposed to be leaving for the airport NOW.  Once I leave home I’ll have no way to contact her again.  In this next email I’ll have to keep her interest, give her my cell number and entice her to text or call.  I give it my best 60 second shot and hope for the best.  It all happened so quick I didn’t get an opportunity to tell Wife I may have a chance after all.  At this point I figure I’ve got better than 50% chance; >75% chance she’ll call or text, and >75% chance she will be willing to meet on short notice, and >75% chance she will be want to play on the first night.  I’m feeling good, but put it out of my mind cause there is nothing else I can do.

At the airport, just as I’m boarding I get a text.  “Hi there you naughty boy.”  What’s with the timing of this chick?  Always catching me at the last minute.  We quickly flirt a bit before they make me turn off my phone.  When I land I get her text saying she would love to meet for dinner and drinks the next night.