Friday, April 1, 2011

We Meet for Dinner and ...

The next day we text each other naughty little messages.  Getting us horny and ready to meet.  It turns out she is across town, about an hour away in rush hour traffic, in a section of town I’m unfamiliar with.  My meeting lets out over 2 hours late.  Before I even start I’m 20 minutes behind when I should have left.  I made it through town, fighting traffic, construction, pot holes and broken down cars (reference the pot holes).  I ended up cutting off a truck before I realized it because his lane and my lane became one with no warning at all.  Just as I’m a few miles away, traffic comes to a stop.  I crawl along for a minute or two in the left lane and I see my exit is on the right.  Damn!  It should be a mile or two farther.  Luckily I maneuver my way across 4 lanes and get off (bypassing most of the traffic jam).  Turns out my route took me right under the highway for another mile or so.

She got there a minute before me and was at seated at the bar.  We shared some drinks, food, laughter, fun, and flirting.  About 2 hours later we were headed to a hotel, not my hotel an hour away but a naughty hotel for fun.  I’ve never been to such a hotel and didn’t think they even existed.  The clerk asked when I said I needed a room, “For the whole night?”  To which I replied “No, just for a few hours.”  Twenty five dollars later we’re in a room with lots of mirrors and clean sheets on the bed.  Not that we noticed the d├ęcor.  Off came our clothes and I fucked her for two and a half hours.  She screamed out phrases quite often.  And I mean screamed.  I’m sure not only the people in the next room could hear and understand her, but so could the people in the room next to them!  She made Mrs. 4 (the Very Vocal Vixen) seem like a church mouse.  Of course at this motel, I suspect it added to the experience for the other patrons rather than distract.  No one complained to the front desk.

During our conversation at the bar, she told me she can’t stand arrogant, pushy men.  She told about the last guy she met and how she had left him at the bar because he was so sure he was going to screw her.  She warned me not to piss her off or she’d be turned off and leave, no matter how far we’d gotten.  So after we had fucked for awhile, I laid on my back to rest and she started to suck me.  Naturally my hands went to the back of her head and gave a little, ever so light push.  She came up and said “I don’t really like that”.  As she slipped her mouth back down on me, I replied “Well I do!” and shoved her head down on me.  And she loved it.  She loved that she was doing something for my pleasure.  I had her do it my way and the hell with her.  She was my toy to do with as I wanted.  I fucked her face, moving her head as I wanted, going as deep as I wanted, telling her what to do with her mouth and tongue, all for my pleasure.  She liked knowing this was for me.  I had treated her to several orgasms earlier, now was my turn.  And knowing I was using her as a sex toy made her orgasm again as I came in her mouth.

She licked me clean and afterwards we laid there for awhile.  She was definitely simultaneously turned on and disturbed also.  She liked me taking control but also hated that she had given it up and knew she wouldn’t have it again with me.  Next time I’m in town she won’t be able to resist me.

On the flight home I smiled often, fondly remembering my adventure and looking forward to the adventure waiting for me before I went home that night ...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Flight

As I went to leave I noticed I had left the laptop on and as is habit, I quickly checked my email before shutting it down.  Since I was on the computer, I opened SLS.  I had an email!  It was from the single female!  She was the one that intrigued me the most.  I had written to her first and had put the most effort into that email.  She was the one I wanted.

Now, here I am.  I’ve peeked her interest.  Got her to bite but I need to set the hook and I supposed to be leaving for the airport NOW.  Once I leave home I’ll have no way to contact her again.  In this next email I’ll have to keep her interest, give her my cell number and entice her to text or call.  I give it my best 60 second shot and hope for the best.  It all happened so quick I didn’t get an opportunity to tell Wife I may have a chance after all.  At this point I figure I’ve got better than 50% chance; >75% chance she’ll call or text, and >75% chance she will be willing to meet on short notice, and >75% chance she will be want to play on the first night.  I’m feeling good, but put it out of my mind cause there is nothing else I can do.

At the airport, just as I’m boarding I get a text.  “Hi there you naughty boy.”  What’s with the timing of this chick?  Always catching me at the last minute.  We quickly flirt a bit before they make me turn off my phone.  When I land I get her text saying she would love to meet for dinner and drinks the next night.

Choose Wisely

I choose 3 couples, two where she meets separately with single guys and one where he likes to watch, and a single female to write to.  Now if I’ve learned anything from Riff Dog (and I haven’t) it’s quantity.  Sure, you’ve got to have a good product and sales pitch, but you need to take that product and pitch it to many women to get a bite.  So I was hoping for one in four, not the best odds in this type of activity.  But the rest didn’t seem worth the time, not that they wouldn’t have been a good time.  Just that they were looking for something other than me for just one night.

(As I write this I’m on the second leg of my trip.  On the first flight, I was eyeing two of the stewardesses and they knew it but remained professional.  On this flight I’ve had one stewardess rub her ass against my shoulder twice as she has gone by.  By ass I don’t mean her hip, but she turned her butt my way and brushed both cheeks as she past.  So see, it’s not company policy.  The other two could have done that too.)

Anyway the odds didn’t look so good.  One couple read my email that night (In reality I don’t know they read it.  SLS only tells you when it is opened.  Also, lifetime and paid members can read it without opening it.)  So I should say they opened it (which of course doesn’t mean they read it) but did not reply.  (Hence my suspicion they didn’t read it.  You would have replied to me.  Wouldn’t you?)  The next night another opened with no reply.  I was beginning to think I was going to be alone on my trip.  So I started on plan B.

Plan B was to have some fun when I came home.  I was getting back early in the afternoon.  Why not have an afternoon rendezvous with a friend.  (This is where skipping parts of the story makes it hard to explain.  Let’s just say I had two previously satisfied ladies to choose from.)

Now you might say if enticing one in four ladies was poor odds, one in two is even worse.  But you’d be wrong.  See now that I’ve satisfied them once, they want more, and I don’t have to convince them of the magic that is QM via email.  Just need to work out the scheduling.  And with two to work with I have an excellent chance for fun.

I started texting with one, first flirting, then telling her I was going to make time for that date we had been discussing.  I couldn’t commit, but we discussed the afternoon or evening I returned.  As soon as we finished, she sent one more text.  Only it wasn’t from her.  It was the other lady wishing me a fantastic day.  She said she was waiting for her kids to get out of school.  I said too bad I wasn’t there.  We flirted til it was time for her to go.  Ok, it was more than flirting.  I think it may even have been past sexting.  I told her the things I would do in detail if I was there.  All in 160 characters at a time.  By the time we were done I was trying to figure out how to see her too.  Again nothing was set yet.

The day I left for my trip I checked my SLS email one last time.  Not expecting anything and I got what I expected.  Since I wasn’t taking my personal laptop, I wouldn’t be able to log on SLS once I left home (unless I risked it in the hotel business center).  So I extinguished that last bit of hope for fun while traveling.  I packed, ate and spent the last hour with Wife.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Traveling Man

Damn, is this blog still around? I thought it was dead. I missed telling about the couple we met last September, Halloween, another couple we’ve become friends with, a lady I’ve become friends with, and my second Blogaversary. So, do you want me to tell you all of that in chronological order, or do you want me to tell the story I want to tell of my latest adventure.

Good, I was hoping you’d pick the story I want.

I was planning a trip for work and decided it would be fun to play, maybe even get the full night sleep over I’ve been wanting. I opened a new SwingLifestyle account to use when one or both of us travels, and potentially other scenarios like finding a hotwife to be my toy. Anyway I opened it and they gave me a year free :) as part of a membership drive in certain states which is weird since I didn’t live in that state, just traveling there. BTW they offered the free year to new couple but do not offer a free year to new single guys. I have since heard this is being offered in many states. If you open a new account and don’t get a free year after a couple log ins, just move to zip codes in other states.

I uploaded some pictures of both of us and started with the text of our “normal” profile, then modified it for a quick hookup. Next I had a look at the single ladies and couples in the area where I was headed. I was going alone and would only be able to play one night. I picked 25-30 promising profiles before I went to bed. I only selected those that were looking for a single male and that seemed real and ready to play.

The next evening I went over each profile again to make sure I could provide what they were asking for. There was one very intriguing couple. She wanted to be taken publicly while he watched. While I’m probably as close as they will ever come to finding a man to do her as she deserves, I’m not sure risking arrest while on a business trip is a wise career move.

I also came across another couple profile that made me want to meet them. She told single guys that they would be required to masturbate in front of her and swallow the load before they could touch her. And she was hot enough that I actually considered it. Such a strong woman would be very interesting to meet. Of course, such a strong woman may also “change her mind” after the show. Ultimately I decided against contacting either of these couples, though next time I’m in town …

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Public Service Announcement - Private Photos on AFF are NOT Private

A few months ago AFF added a feature called Activities.  It list your status, friends you’ve accepted, what sections of your profile information that you’ve update, and photos that you have uploaded, like the social network sites.

We uploaded some photos of us with our faces visible recently.  We intended to share these only with selected people via the email system.  I was cautious to be sure they were not available for everyone to see.  And if you go to our photo page, no one can see them.  Today I was perusing AFF and by chance decided to view our profile and was surprised to see our faces in the Activities section.  Right there for everyone that clicks on our profile to see.  Even free members.  Everyone!

After noticing this, I did some looking around and saw a face picture of a man we met that is keeping his AFF activities from his wife.  We only met him for drinks and it was obvious that he had everything to lose if she found out.  But there on his profile page is a one inch square picture of his face.  No denying it’s him with that pic.

I immediately started looking for a way to delete this activity update, but that doesn’t seem to be an option except for the current status.  After a half hour, while I considered deleting our photos and even deleting our entire account, I was able to get them removed from the Activity section (and keep them in a private album).

By default, AFF shows ALL the photos you’ve uploaded in the Activities section, even if you made the album private.  Here is what you do to fix it:  Click the Activities tab.  Select “Preferences” in the list on the left.  Change “Upload a photo to an album” to No.  Now you would think they would be gone, but they weren’t.  Maybe I just didn’t wait long enough.  So I took these additional steps:  Navigate to “Manage Photos”.  Create a new album and set the privacy settings as you like.  Drag and drop photos from your other album to the new one.  Now they should be gone from the Activities section.  You might be able to drag and drop them back in the original album if you like, but I didn’t try.

Hope this helps someone avoid so embarrassment.

Oh, we’re going out to meet a couple tonight.  Hopefully there will be something more fun to write about soon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

August Has Been Hot!

Let me give you a quick update on all the sex we’ve been having.  None.  Well that’s not completely true.  We’ve had sex with each other.  It’s been hot too.  But sex with others has been zip.

Wife met a new guy, but then he went out of town for 3 weeks.  No chance for fun there yet.  She has tried to hook up with BD but schedules haven’t worked out.  And Mr. H only came back to town when she was sick.

We went to a meet and greet we saw on SwingLifeStyle.  Everyone was very friendly.  We decided not to go to the after party (or as the host described it to Wife “We’re going to go back to our house and screw.”)  We felt we needed to know people at least an hour before we strip down for an orgy.  Plus this crowd was a bit (ok some a lot) older than us.  Hmm, I wonder if we would feel different if they had been younger than us.

We had a very fun evening at a night club with a group of lifestyle friends.  Lots of dancing and flirting.

We’ve also been to another party with the same group of friends as the first two.  From what I hear of other parties, this is a very mild party crowd, not pushy at all.  It seems that long time friends hook up there.  Guess we’re not on the list yet.  Still we have a great time.

I haven’t even been on that lunch date with my not so secret admirer.  Between illnesses, vacations, kids and work we haven’t been able to go.  We have made plans several times but something has always come up.

But things are looking up.  We have several couples interested in chatting and meeting.  Now we just need to find time to actually meet and see what happens.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our Second House Party

A week before the party, we hear from Couple 3.  It was good to hear from them.  After the first party, we had extended an invitation to meet with them to get to know each other.  They couldn’t make it and we replied with another time then.  It was obviously their move.  (More obvious than I made it seem here.  But I’ve got to save space.  Got to keep the readers interested.  If I go on and on about every little aspect, who the hell’s going to read all this crap.  So I cut back where I can and only include that which is absolutely necessary.  Just the basics, nothing extra.  Once I get my point across, I move on.  Clear and concise.)  When we didn’t hear back for awhile, we figured they weren’t that interested.  They were checking in to see if we would be there and want to see us.  They, however, were not certain they would both be able to attend, babysitter conflicts.  But one would be there for certain.  I hope it’s Mrs. 3.  But then again, if she doesn’t play with me, I think it would be better if it’s Mr. 3.  It’s pretty likely he and Wife will play again if he shows.  Through the week, Mr. 3 and Wife IM a bit.

When we arrive there are half a dozen couples there and we chat with some of them.  Couple 3 is there, but are in conversation with some other couples.  We really weren’t interested in any of the other couples there as far as swinging goes.  Don’t get me wrong, they are fun and interesting people.  We had some good conversation, but it wasn’t going to lead to sex.

The conversation Couple 3 was involved in breaks up, and Mr. 3 makes his way over to say Hi.  Mrs. 3, on the other hand, goes another way.  I notice that she is always where I’m not.  She has even talked to Wife, but apparently is avoiding me.  And this isn’t the first time.  At our first house party, while Wife and Mr. 3 were in the bedroom, Mrs. 3 was one of the people that joined us in the hot tub.  She slipped in next to me before she noticed who I was.  Before we had a chance to say 5 words to each other she was gone.  Now I thought that might have been cause the only words that came to her mind were the only ones that came to mine: So, our spouses are fucking.  Might have been a good conversation starter, but most likely not.  Avoidance is unusual for me.  Women usually are very comfortable around me.  I did get a chance to join her in 2 group conversations where it would have been just too awkward to leave.  But never any one on one get to know each other conversation.  So, I’m left with one of three conclusions: 1) Mrs. 3 has no interest in me sexually or otherwise (I know, hard to believe), 2) Mrs. 3 is not ready to show any interest in me (women can be fickle), or 3) Mrs. 3 is a nut bag (which is contrary to everything everyone has said about her).  And they all lead me to the same course of action: leave her alone.  If she wants me, she will find me.  I just hope she doesn’t interfere with Mr. 3 and Wife playing.

We talked with people we had met at the last party as well as others.  Single Newbie Girl was not there.  I was too embarrassed to ask her friends why she didn’t show, afraid she might have told them I growled at her.  I really hope I didn’t scare her off.  But then again if my very mild (in this arena, my faux pas was very mild compared to some of the stories we’ve heard) aggressiveness was too much, she probably shouldn’t be in this lifestyle.  We saw a few people having sex in the pool, drank a few drinks and had a good time, even though there was no play for either of us.

On the way home, I expressed to Wife the parties are fun but I preferred meeting couples one on one.  We don’t seem to really get to know anyone at the parties very well.  With the one on one meets, there is time to really talk, and so far we are batting a thousand.  She completely agrees.